Favorite Fall Inspired Looks

Favorite Fall Inspired Looks


Yesterday, for the first time in what felt like forever, I could feel a presence of fall in the air. Living in the south, summer’s can be almost unbearable sometimes purely due to the insane humidity we have here. For the past three months temperatures here have reached in the high 90s to low 100s. Pretty much every day felt like I was boiling as soon as I stepped out of the front door. Well, let me tell you, that was not the case yesterday.

There was a cool breeze all day long and the temperatures had finally dropped to the upper 70s. I don’t know about you but when the temperature starts to drop, I get that familiar feeling you get every year when things start to turn colder and the leaves start to change. That feeling always brings to mind the smell of pumpkin spice, the feeling of cozy sweaters and that faint tingle of chill in the air. I FREAKING LOVE IT!

Besides Christmas, fall is my favorite time of the year. Especially when it comes to clothing. I just feel like you can do more with your wardrobe when its cold out. You know, layering and what not. Since I felt the nostalgia of fall, I thought I would go ahead and do a post on some of my favorite fall inspired looks. Most of these come from Pinterest (one of my favorite places) and Instagram.

Skater Skirt Styled For Fall


Skater Skirt Styled For Fall pic

{  Source : gurl.com   }

High Waisted Burgundy Skinny Jeans

High Waisted Burgundy Skinny Jeans

Cozy Mustard Sweater

Cozy Mustard Sweater

{  Source: Stylecaster   } 

Plaid Blanket Scarf

Plaid Blanket Scarf

Source: Life With Emily  }

Charcoal Tweed Coat

Grey Tweed Coat W: Wellies

{  Source: Sortra   }

Floral Patterned Dress

Floral Patterned Dress For Fall

{  Source:  Fash For Fashion  }

Black Wool Hat & Blue Coat

Black Wool Hat

Source:  Lookastic  }

Looking at all of these really makes me excited for fall! Are you ready for fall? Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

Are you ready for fall? What is your favorite season? Tell me below!



15 thoughts on “Favorite Fall Inspired Looks

  1. I seriously cannot wait to put my fall clothes on! I just bought myself an adorable olive green vest that I think I will wear every dang day! I definitely want to get myself a plaid blanket scarf; they look so cozy!


  2. Love these suggestions. I have a pair of burgundy corduroys that I’m absolutely in love with so I love that something similar is on your list. Can’t wait for fall!


  3. Fall is my favorite as well. I love oversized sweaters and leggings, boots, pumpkin flavored anything lol and cute off the shoulder tops.


  4. Love, love, love this post! I just made a post very similar to this. I love that oversized mustard yellow sweater. Great post Channing!! xo


  5. Dang girl, All of these are great! I like them all equally and I have an oversized yellow sweater like the one shown that I purchased at the thrift store a couple years ago…still one of my favorite sweater to date.


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