5 Reasons Why Page Views Shouldn't Matter To You

5 Reasons Why Page Views Shouldn't Matter To You


If your monetizing your blog, which most bloggers are, then you know that getting a large number of page views can make a huge impact on generating revenue from the ads you placed on your blog. As I’ve talked about before, there are other ways of making money from your blogs besides ads, but today we are just going to focus on ads and why you shouldn’t pay attention to your site stats.

If your lucky enough to have a large following or you’re really awesome at creating eye catching blog post topics along with great content then by all means don’t pay attention at all to what I’m going to say, because your in the ranks of the lucky few, but for the rest of this, you should definitely pay attention as I make the case for not paying attention to page views.

First of all, I have to admit to you that I’ve paid attention to page views in the past and that’s why I’ve come to the realization that they aren’t important, especially if your just starting out. As I stated in my post, Blogging Resources: Must Have WordPress Plugins, I use Jetpack which integrates Google Analytics into my site stats. I love Jetpack because of the many features it has, but now that I understand why page views shouldn’t matter to me or you, I don’t really pay attention to the statistics that much and I’ll go ahead and tell you why now.

1.They Fluctuate

When my main focus used to be the number of page views my site had each day, I picked up on something very important to why they aren’t the end all be all of your blog being a success. They fluctuated. For example, What Makes Me Happy was the highest ranking blog post I ever did according to my site stats. The next day, my new blog post had a fraction of the page views than the other one did. Each day the stats go up and down. This is a huge reason why I don’t pay attention to page views anymore.

2.Popular Posts Aren’t Always Your Best Work

As I stated above, according to my site stats, my post titled What Makes Me Happy was my highest rank post ever. Now, while I did enjoy writing this post, I don’t think it was my best work. Their have been posts in the past that I thought was the best piece of work that I’ve ever done, but it didn’t have near the same amount of page views as my most popular post. That was pretty eye opening for me.

3. It Affects The Quality Of Your Work

After I saw the stats for What Makes Me Happy, I got a little greedy and wanted those same numbers again so I studied that post right down to the keywords trying to figure out what made it so much more popular than the rest. I figured the reason had to be because of the title, image, or the way I marketed it that day. I started to focus a lot on those aspects, and now that I look back, the posts following that weren’t of great quality, which is something I never want to lose sight of. For me, making quality work is more important than anything, and if my work reflects that, then the viewers will come organically instead of some form of statistical manipulation.

4. It Will Drive You Crazy

Like I said, when I was focusing on what was making that particular post so popular, I lost sight of why I wanted to blog and what I was truly passionate about. Focusing on such things will literally drive you crazy because you get a sort of tunnel vision where your main focus is on driving traffic to your website instead of creating work that your proud of. Plus, we have enough stress to deal with everyday, lets not add any extra by trying to keep up with the blogging rat race.

5. You Can’t Control It

When I focused on figuring out what element of that blog post was making my highest ranking blog post so popular, I finally realized that there was no way that I could figure out the specific cause of it. The reason I say that is, I looked at how readers were being referred to my site and I found out that most of the page views for that post weren’t even being driven to my site because of the title of the post or the content. It was being driven to my site because of a giveaway I hosted and readers were being directed from that giveaway.  So the point is, there’s very little you can do to control that stats for your sites.


Obviously there are going to be some people who disagree with me and that’s fine. This is just from my experience and my personal opinion. This isn’t meant to be a post about telling you that your doing something wrong, it’s more about me making my case and you taking what you want from it. Ever since I quit paying attention to my page views, I’ve felt less stressed and more focused on creating quality content. I hope you were able to take something valuable away from this post and always thanks for reading!

Question of the day: Do you pay a lot of attention to your page views and how does it make you feel when you do that?





11 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Page Views Shouldn't Matter To You

  1. Yessss..it will def drive you crazy! It may be me but I’ve seen a def drop in page views since the spring/summer season. I guess people are outside doings and events instead of reading!


  2. I’m just starting out and looking at my page views is fascinating to me, but I do agree that it tends to make me a little greedy. And also a little bummed, because I feel like after blogging for a month I should have more consistent numbers, but that’s probably my perfectionism talking. Thanks for the reassurance!


  3. These are so true. I wanted to grow my blog this year, so I did a few things and decided to focus on pageviews for at least a month. It was completely exhausting. Of course, I’m still trying to grow my blog but I know it’s not all about pageviews. I started blogging for me and to help others out there going through their natural hair journey, like me…so I always try to keep that in mind.


  4. After reading this, I realize that I focus on my stats far too much. But since I’m just starting out with my blog, I’m trying to figure out what the trends are and what is/isn’t working. I completely agree that it can drive you crazy though!


  5. YES! I have been guilty of this. A lot. I love point #3. When I focus on page view, I lose what I love most about blogging. I miss out on my real focus, my real reasons for writing, and I lose out on quality work. Thank you for sharing this!


  6. You nailed it with this! Page views are my main nemesis in the blogging world. There are times when I’m not as concerned as others, but knowing that that monetizing is not my end goal (at the moment) I’m just really trying to focus building relationships.


  7. Great points! I used to care, but now that life has gotten super busy again, I don’t check very much anymore. It’s already enough work to keep track of just answering comments! :O Although I think it’s highly unlikely that my blog will ever garner a ginormous following, I hope it doesn’t, because my focus + favorite part of blogging is on the interaction/community! ❤


  8. I check my views daily but I set weekly and monthly goals instead of daily. That being said, seeing a really low day still gets me down sometimes, especially if I think it was an especially good post. But you are so right, it always fluctuates and we can’t control it! Thanks for sharing this great post!


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