The Struggle Of Balancing Work & Blogging

The Struggle Of Balancing Work & Blogging


A few months back, I had trouble juggling working a full time job and blogging. As we all know, blogging in itself is a full time job. Whenever I’m working on a new blog post, it usually takes me 5 or 6 hours to do. Then another 3 or 4 hours marketing and promoting it. In total that’s about 10 hours just for blogging.

Working at my job took 8 hours a day not to mention the 1 hour drive to and from work each day. Between trying to get sleep and doing both “jobs” at the same time was really, really difficult. You might ask, well, why don’t you just stop blogging until you have more time? In my eyes, that’s just not an option. Blogging makes me happy and when I don’t blog I feel like a piece of me is missing. Otherwise, think about it, I wouldn’t spend so many hours working on it.

My blogger friend Farrah from Fairy Burger is a medical student and blogs all AT THE SAME TIME! I don’t know how she does it. How do you do it Farrah!?! Please tell me your secret! Thinking about balancing both really important jobs made me have a lot of anxiety, so I did what any normal person would do and googled managing a full time job and blogging. Here are the results:

Workplace Experiments: A Month To Yourself

How To Balance Blogging And Your Day Job

On Balancing Paid Work And Blogging (And Life)

How To Balance Your Job, Freelancing, And Blogging

How To Make Time For Blogging

Tips For Balancing Blogging And A Day Job

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while now because I think it will be helpful for some of you and also because when I used to have a full time job, I didn’t feel like I could properly write about it because I was so stressed. But now that I’m actually writing it, I think more than anything, I want to know how YOU balance working a full time job and blogging. Leave me a comment below because I would really like to know!

Question of the day: How do you balance working a full time job and blogging?




11 thoughts on “The Struggle Of Balancing Work & Blogging

  1. honestly when I was working full time it was hard because not only was I working but i also had kids. I worked 8-5, get my kids from daycare, come home, make dinner and get them ready for bed. By the time I was all done I would be exhausted so i was only blogging like 3x a week. But 3x a week was better than nothing. I would always try to use my planner and notebook to keep track of my ideas and work on those pots on the weekends. Now I don’t work full time so I can blog pretty much everyday.


  2. Thank you! This post is amazing, I am excited to check out these links! I work a minimum of 8 hours a day, some days can be longer. And then I probably spend about 4-5 or more hours every night with blog related activities. But like you not blogging is not an option, its a passion. Also in order to grow your blog you need to keep working at it, so stopping isn’t really helpful either. Right now my blog gets a lot of my attention. Something that has helped me is setting aside about 30 minutes in the morning before work to go one Facebook and connect in my blogging groups, this way I don’t have to worry about it during the day when I’m at my job. In the evening I come back, reconnect on social media and go from there. I am excited to learn new tips as right now it almost feels like 1 have 2 full-time jobs… but unfortunately only one pays πŸ˜›


  3. LOVE THIS! Just bookmarked your site. I feel you! I work full-time and I’ve now decided to take my blog to the next level. Needless to say, I feel like a freaking zombie! It’s no easy, but so worth it! Best of luck with everything! xoxoxoxo, Kayla


  4. I couldn’t handle working and blogging so, with my husband’s blessing, I recently quit my summer job so I can try blogging full time. I make al ittle pocket change from it and it brings me the most joy, so my husband was fully supportive!


    1. That’s awesome Chelsie! I’m glad your husband saw how important blogging was to you, because not a lot of people do, mostly because they don’t understand it. I feel a little lucky to be able to mostly focus on my blog as well now. πŸ™‚


  5. I totally feel you on this one. During the school year, I can barely seem to carve out enough time for the necessities: teaching, extracurricular obligations, family life, homemaking. I have more time during the summer, of course, but during the year, I get the most of my blogging time by eliminating distractions and staying up late when necessary.


    1. I lost so much sleep in the past because I was trying to get my blog post up and work a full time job at the same time. I didn’t have to do that but I wanted too because I love blogging that much. Thanks for sharing your tips with me! πŸ™‚


  6. I was so surprised when I realized the beginning-to-end time frame for just one blog post. It takes so much longer than it seems like it should! It is hard to balance work and blogging but it’s hard to balance work and a lot of things – it’s all about prioritizing what makes you happy. Like you said, it makes you happy, so figuring out how to balance it is important!


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