Blogging Resources: Free Stock Photo Sites

Blogging Resources: Free Stock Photo Sites


If your new to blogging resources, it’s basically a new series I started where I give you helpful tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way while blogging. Part of composing a blog post is using graphics and photos to add that certain visual aspect that each blog post needs. Most of us bloggers know that to there are many factors that go into curating amazing graphics and images.

A lot of you probably shoot your own photos and edit them with a little bit of help from photoshop. Others on a slightly tighter budget will use the amazing free tools that the internet provides us with. The common theme with trying to gain access to these free tools, is knowing where to look for them. That’s what this blog post is about. I will get to that a little bit later, but first let’s talk about one of the most important things associated with stock images.

Legality and Liabilities. Although most of us would like to think the internet is a free space, open to anyone to use it resources, sometimes that’s not the case. Especially when it comes to copyright. Just for argument’s sake, let me state the obvious, you cannot post images to your blog that don’t have a creative commons license or you don’t have expressed written permission from the photo owner.

If your not a lawyer or well versed in copyright jargon, as I’m not, then your best bet is to find creative commons licensed photos. I won’t go into much detail about creative commons because I already talked about it in another post, but you can go read more about it there. I found some of the best stock image sites for which I get most of the images for my blog and I’m going to share them with you below and I will also tell you about which photo editors I use as well.

Free Stock Photos:

Below are the resources I use for finding free non copyright images.


Designer Pics


Stock Up

Skitter Photo

Kaboom Pics

Little Visuals


Life Of Pix

Getty Images


What I Use To Edit My Photos:

These are the top photo editors I use

Pic Monkey

Pic Monkey Screenshot



Canva Screenshot



Photoshop Screenshot



These are the resources that I use to find and create images. Just make sure that whenever you use someone else’s image, that your within your legal rights to do so or you use creative commons photos. Make sure to read my post The Ugly Side Of Blogging to get the full breakdown on how creative commons works.

Thanks for reading and come back next Tuesday for another edition of Blogging Resources.

How do you come up with your images? Do you know about creative commons?


42 thoughts on “Blogging Resources: Free Stock Photo Sites

  1. Great post! I love stock photo websites! It is great to use own photography however sometimes I have a topic where I find I have no photos to match so I turn to a stock website! Great shares! Have a productive week!!!


  2. Amazing! I’d heard of some of these free stock photo websites but not all. I’ve also been meaning to check out canva! I definitely need to put a pin in this post and remember to check it out when I get home!


  3. Thank you for the resources! I haven’t used any of the free photo sites, but I use PM and Canva all the time. PM was worth the $33 a year for the full access. I also use for absolutely free photos that require no crediting.


  4. I’ve never used Canva, but I’m going to check it out! Sometimes I use Google images and attribute the URL, but I’ve started using stock photos more and more when I got more into blogging. Thanks for all these extra sites!


  5. I love these posts that you’re doing. Finding photos is always such a pain. I do love PicMonkey though. I just found Cavana but I haven’t started to use it yet.


  6. I am a pic monkey loving machines! Thanks so much for this I was just wondering YESTERDAY where I could get some decent stock photos for my non-food related posts. I mean I love my daughter but i can only take so many pictures of her before she gets mad at me.


  7. I love picmonkey + canva! I’ve been trying to take all my own pictures, but my goodness, that’s kinda hard to do sometimes, so thank you for sharing the stock photo sites! They’ll definitely come in handy in the future! :]


  8. Great article Channing,

    I recently started as a side project a few months ago. The site consists of completely free stock photos all taken by me and other talented photographers. It’s basically a collection of images from my travels around South East Asia, North America, and South America (soon). My aim for these photos is to help designers and creative alike. People can use these images for whatever purpose they please.

    I keep things very simple. I list the photo, its tags, the author, and the download link. I don’t make people jump through any hoop, like signing up for an email newsletter or making them “Like” my facebook page.

    I also started to publish niche specific photo packs all for free.

    I hope you and others will find it valuable. I just want to contribute back to the wonderful blogging, design, marketing, and creative community. If you see it fit, I’d be very grateful if you could add Fancycrave to this list.



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