Memorial Day Roundup!

Memorial Day Roundup I Echanning 2


Happy Memorial Day! Aren’t you glad for the long weekend we just had? Normally I’m a winter girl but after the brutal winter we just had, I say bring on the summer weather! As you are reading this, I’m at my dad’s house and we’re grilling out good ole hamburgers and hot dogs, an American classic! The best thing about Memorial Day is being able to spend time with family and friends. It’s important to remember though, Memorial day is about more than just going to the lake and grilling out.

Memorial Day is our day as Americans to pay observance to those in the military who put their lives on the line everyday, so that we can have a safe and free country. The sacrifices made by each of these soldiers each day is great and can’t truly be expressed in words, so it’s great to have a whole day dedicated to them! No matter how you are spending your Memorial Day, I hope you have a good time, but also take the time to thank and pray for all the honorable soldiers out there.

For this post I want to help celebrate these members by doing a Memorial Day Roundup with recipes, videos, etc.

The Main Attraction

I have a few ideas of what I would do if I hosted a BBQ, which is quintessential for American Memorial Day festivities. Here’s what I would do:

Lamb Burgers W/ Goat Cheese & Avocado

Lamb Burger

[Source: Fork Knife Swoon]

BBQ Chicken Kabobs

BBQ Chicken Kebobs

[Source: Fabulessly Frugal]

Hot Dog Topped W/ Asian Slaw

Hot Dog Topped W: Asian Slaw

[Source: Joy Of Kosher]


Asian Coleslaw

Asian Cole Slaw


[Source: Life Made Delicious]

Mexican Grilled Corn

Mexican Grilled Corn

[Source: The Cookie Rookie]


Firecracker Bundt Cake:

Firecracker Bundt Cake

[Source: Cooking With Sugar]

Rustic Berry Tart

Rustic Berry Tart

[Source: White Lights On Wednesday]

Decorating & Hosting

“Fixins” Table

Fixin's Table

[Source: Deco Art]

Condiment Station

Condiment Station


[Source: Somewhat Simple]

DIY Patriotic Outdoor Garland

DIY Patriotic Outdoor Garland

[Source: Fun Home Things]

Last But Not Least

A Memorial Day Video:


I hope you enjoyed this fun little Memorial Day Roundup! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another edition of Blogging Resources. Happy Memorial Day!

What are you doing for Memorial Day? Do you know anyone in the military?


12 thoughts on “Memorial Day Roundup!

  1. I too, was so thankful for this three day weekend, but I did spend some time reflecting and being thankful for the real reason behind the holiday.

    This roundup is full of some yummy looking food that I wish I’d seen in advance so that I could try today. Like you, we’re grilling hot dogs and burgers today and will probably throw some chicken on the grill too!

    Enjoy you day!


  2. hahaha, I’m officially slightly scared. I’ve been craving an Asian-ified cole slaw all weekend! 😡 I’m off to check that recipe out. ❤ That berry tart looks amazing too!


  3. I’m spending my Memorial Day at the beach (Gulf Shores, AL), and possibly making that amazing looking Mexican grilled corn!


  4. These recipes look so good! Especially the corn. We’ve been on a corn on the grill kick lately. Bummer that the weather was so yucky today. We wanted to grill, but it will have to wait til later this week.


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