Anxiety: The Large White Elephant In The Room

Anxiety: The Large White Elephant In The Room



I said in my Saying Yes To Everything post, that I would make a post talking about my anxiety in detail. This is that post! Anxiety is like a large white elephant in the room. Let me elaborate more.

Anxiety is common among most people when stress is present. Pacing back and forth, butterflies in the stomach, and worry are all common in anxiety and most people have experienced these feelings at some point in their life.

Anxiety is natural because it’s your body sending you signals that something’s not right and it’s often related to the flight or fight response, which is also our body’s way of saying that danger, is present. It’s a safety mechanism. But when is anxiety unnatural?

Anxiety is unnatural when it becomes too much to handle or lingers for too long. At this point, it’s considered a disorder, which I admittedly have. It can be extremely unpleasant for the individual experiencing it, as there are many unpleasant side effects of the disorder.

What Does Anxiety Feel Like?

Anxiety can feel a lot like the emotion fear, but it differs in that, fear is a response to a real and present threat, unlike anxiety, which is expectation of a threat. A common term used for this very description is imminent doom.

The best way I could explain this to someone whose never suffered from an anxiety disorder, is image that your in a car accident and you feel like you see your life flash before your eyes. You feel like you’re about to die. That’s what an anxiety disorder feels like except that feeling doesn’t go away and it can last for hours, days and yes years.

One of the worst “side effects” of an anxiety disorder is a panic attack. Panic attacks are especially tough, because you start having heart palpitations (your heart beats really fast as if you’ve just ran a mile), your are LITERALLY having a hard time breathing, and you feel dizzy. However, not everyone with an anxiety disorder experiences these.

Panic attacks happen suddenly and they can be triggered by anything, even something small and insignificant. There are no cures for this, but there are things you can do to calm yourself down.

Exercises For Panic Attacks:

  • Take deep, long breaths repeatedly until your breathing slows.
  • Close your eyes and focusing only on your breathing
  • Meditation before a stressful event has been shown to reduce anxiety and calm the mind
  • Remove yourself from the situation (until you can come to a state of normalcy again)

Psychology can be an invaluable resource to people suffering from this disorder. Find a psychologist who specializes in Anxiety Disorders, if you know that’s what you have.

What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist? There is a common misconception that they’re the same thing. But, a psychologist is basically like a licensed counselor who teaches you to change your way of thinking and provides services such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). A Psychiatrist specializes in fitting you with the right type of medication that aids in your therapy.

Psychologist – can’t write prescriptions

Psychiatrist – can write prescriptions

A lot of people are against medications for mental disorders. I’ve found that medication has helped me more with anything, especially with panic attacks.

Everyone has the personal choice to decide whether they want to go the medicinal route or try alternative methods. It’s really up to the individual experiencing these problems to decide which is best for them.

What are your thoughts on this it?

One other thing I want to stress before I end my post is that it’s totally okay to seek out professional help if you need it. I know that a lot of people think that mental health professionals are only for “crazy” people, but that’s so not true. You won’t believe how many different types of people, from all walks of life came to see my doctor.

It really is just like going to see a normal doctor only this one is super discreet and instead of treating your body, they’re treating your mind.

What did you think of this topic? Let me know in the comments below and if you have any questions regarding doctors, medications, or just any questions about anxiety in general, also leave it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading! Hope this was helpful! ☺


We Have To Stop Trying To Please Everybody


We Have To Stop Trying To Please Everybody

We have to stop trying to please everybody and here’s why….

Someone asks you to take on another task when your barely completing the tasks you already have and you say yes.

Someone asks you to go out when you’ve had a really long day and just want to go home and lay in bed watching tv, but you still say yes.

We’re all guilty of doing it, saying yes when we really want to say no.

I’m just gonna throw this out there… I’m a people pleaser. I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember. Whenever someone asked me to do something I would always say yes, because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings or I would have what the younger generation has now coined as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Both reasons made me feel justified in saying yes to everything, even though; on the inside I was unhappy about it. I’ve never mentioned this before, but I have an anxiety disorder. Mostly because you don’t come right out of the gate and say, “ Hi, my name is Channing Anxiety Disorder Callahan, nice to meet you.”

Just to clarify, this isn’t just run of the mill anxiety that most people get when they’re stressed. This is an actual disorder where my body reacts in a hyper sensitive way to stress. This wonderful disorder (said sarcastically) comes with panic attacks, headaches, and stomach aches. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

Growing up, I remember each day before school I would have stomach pains right before I went to school because I was so nervous. It did get a little better as I got older though.

This disorder played a huge part in my saying yes to everything, and not standing up enough for myself. I even had friendships where the other person took complete advantage of me, and I just let them because my anxiety got the best of me.

Well, fast forward to now, where I’m older, wiser, and a lot more knowledgeable about my disorder and am able to say no when someone asks something of me that I’m not comfortable with. I still feel a little bit bad initially after saying no, but the next day I have a clear conscience and realized I made the right decision.

That’s what I want to tell you all today. Start looking out for yourself. You have to make YOURSELF a priority. If someone asks you to do something you don’t want to do, don’t feel bad saying no. Only YOU know what’s right for you, no one else.

Whether it’s asking you to partake in an activity, or stretch yourself too thin when you already have a lot on your plate, remember that you have a voice and opinions and that you can make a decision to say yes or no.

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Usually when listen to your intuition, everything works out ok. That’s what it’s there for. So just as a little experiment, if you are the type of person to be a people pleaser, step out of your comfort zone once in a while and say no when you feel like you should say yes, you might be surprised how good your instincts are.

I’ll leave you with that last thought and my question to you is, do you say yes all the time to things you know you can’t handle? Do you stretch yourself too thin to make others happy?

What do you think about this topic? Is it interesting to you? Leave me a comment below and as always thanks for reading!
P.S. I will probably do another post completely explaining my anxiety disorder and give you my tips for how I deal with it.

Movie Suggestions For Valentine's Day

Movie Suggestions For Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day is one day away! I have some movie suggestions for all of you who will be going solo on this day.  Some of you are probably really excited. Some of you are probably dreading it. Whatever category you fall under, here is a compilation of Netflix movies you can do either with your S/O or just to get the whole day off of your mind. All of the titles will have a link where you can find out more about them.

If You Want A Bit Of Romance:

One Day


Ice Castles

Ever After: A Cinderella Story

Safe Haven

13 Going on 30


While You Were Sleeping

Maid In Manhattan


Sleepless in Seattle

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Mystic Pizza

Notting Hill

I Hate Valentine’s Day

The Great Gatsby

Shakespeare In Love

His Girl Friday


If You Need A Distraction:

World War Z



White Chicks

The Stepford Wives

An American Haunting


Anger Management

Wicked Little Things

Silence Of The Lambs

Dream House

Mona Lisa Smile

Insidious Chapter 2

Dead Silence

Jeepers Creepers



The Haunting

G.I. Jane

Bless The Child

The Numbers Station

There Will Be Blood

If you were creating this list, what would you add to it?

If you want to read my other Valentine’s Day post, you can check it out here.

Thanks for reading and please don’t forget to leave a comment below! ☺

8 Other Ways To Spend Valentine's Day


Movie Suggestions For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner; a holiday designated for couples…Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you don’t have 8 other ways to spend Valentine’s Day.

So what do you do if you’re single?

Trust me, there are things to do for singles; you just need to be optimistic and keep an open mind.

Here are my ideas of other ways to spend Valentine’s Day for singles:

1. Go out with Friends
Who better to spend Valentine’s Day with, than people who are in the same situation as you?

2. Watch Movies on Netflix.
Might I suggest 10 things I hate about you. (Ha-ha, kidding)

3. Have dinner with Family.
The whole purpose of Valentine’s Day is to spend time with the one you love, and while it may not be the same kind of love, family love is the kind that is unconditional.

4. Go on a shopping spree!
They don’t call it retail therapy for nothing, and I’m sure the mall will be less crowded.

5. Do something nice for a stranger.
Buy a stranger a coffee or leave a nice note for your waiter. It feels good to be kind to people.

6. Work on a project you’ve never had time for.
Have a book you’ve wanted to read but just haven’t had the time? With everyone else occupied, this is the perfect day to catch up on that.

7. Pamper Yourself!
This is where Lush products come in and they just released their Valentine’s Day products.

8. Bake Sweets.
Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to try out a new recipe. Might I suggest this one?

With that in mind, don’t see Valentine’s Day as a bad thing if you’re single. It’s perfectly okay to be single and that doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. That’s what this list is about, celebrating this day for yourself and realizing your greatness. What do you like to do for Valentine’s Day? Please leave me a comment below and thanks for reading! ☺

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5 Great Reasons Dogs Make The Best Companions

5 Great Reasons Dogs Make The Best Companions

5 Great Reasons Dogs Make The Best Companions


There are a number of reasons why dogs make great companions. Some you might already know, but others might surprise you. I think it’s that time to talk about that special someone in my life. He plays a big part in my life and remains the number one guy in my life. Before you jump to conclusions, I’m talking about my dog.


My dog Cooper is a six-year-old Papillion that I got at a very difficult time in my life. I was going through some very difficult emotions and my mom thought it would be a good idea to get me a dog. When I first brought him home, I was a little nervous and so was he. He was shaking and his little butterfly ears were flopped over. He was just 9 weeks old and was adjusting to his new surroundings just as I was adjusting to having a little dog around.


The first few months training him were difficult, as every dog owner knows. The better he got though; the more I felt accomplished and our bond got stronger. After a few weeks, those ears perked right up and they’ve remained there ever since.


Cooper has brought a lot of joy to my life, but I’m not going to lie, there have been some trying times. Dogs require constant care just like a child. They have to be fed and taken out to the bathroom. If you plan to be away from your place for a long time, you need to get a sitter for your dog. These things can become stressful, But the good far outweighs the bad.


Below I List The 5 Reasons Dog Make Great Companions:

(But also remember to trust your instincts. If you don’t feel ready for that much responsibility, then don’t take it on.)


  1. They bring unconditional love – whether you feel you deserve it or not, your dog is going to love you no matter what.
  2. They are loyal – In any book you read about dogs, they tell you that a dog’s main goal is to please you.
  3. They relieve stress – As contradictory as it may sound, dogs can also relieve stress. Say you’ve had a really bad day and you come home to that cute fluffy puppy dog face and he licks you and snuggles up next to you. Instant stress reliever.
  4. They teach you patience – While dogs can relieve stress, they can also be a source of stress. There is nothing more stressful than training a dog.
  5. They protect you – They alert you to any intruders in your home, and will put their lives in harms way to protect yours.



If you are considering getting a dog, just think about all the different aspects of it, and make sure you can handle the responsibilities that they bring. Do your research. Please leave a comment below telling me about any tips for training a dog or a little story about you and your pet. Thanks for reading! 🙂